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Food Truck Festival
The food truck festival is the first of its kind in Accra,and this                                       year the Ministry of Gender Youth and Children
development approved to have it held at the Efua Sutherland
Children’s Park . It’s an event with an aim of bringing families                                      from all walks of life and culture to one ground and
entreating them to a music, culture, merchandises sales from
vendors in the emerging start up scenes, games and different
various forms of entertainment an open cinema to share brief
history of short films makers in Ghana. The event is
scheduled to take place on December 24th 2019 on a                                        Tuesday, at the Efua Sutherland Children’s Park, starting at                                      12pm to 9pm in the evening.
The Expected number of crowd in attendance and passing                                      through and hanging around during the festival is anticipated                                        for  2000+ people during those hours due to schools vaca-                                        ting and  many more arriving in the country for various                                            events coming up after the date of the food truck festival.

# foodtruckfestival                                                                                                Date: December 24th 2019                                                                                Location: Efua Southerland Park, Accra, Ghana                                              Time:12:00 PM – 10:00 PM


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Start time 2019-12-24
End Time 2019-12-24
Location Efua Southerland Children's Park. Accra, Ghana